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New way to address the board at a public meeting

Members of the public now have a way to share their perspectives with the school board in a regular board meeting held by videoconference during the pandemic. Those who wish to address the board can submit comments online to be read aloud by a staff member or leave a voicemail message to be played at the meeting.

Submit comments using an online form or by calling 763-391-7003 and leaving a voicemail message. Comments (including your name) read or played at board meetings are accessible to all members of the public via livestream and archived video on the district website.

Please note the following parameters for submitting comments: 

  • Comments submitted to be shared in the public forum must comply with the Guidelines for Addressing the Board
  • Comments submitted using the online form are limited to 3000 characters. Voicemail messages will be played for up to 3 minutes, so please keep that in mind as you are leaving your message.
  • The chair will accept comments in the order submitted (based on timestamps) within the 20 minutes of time allowed for this agenda item, subject to the discretion of the chair. 
  • Comments that do not comply with guidelines and/or those submitted after 12:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting will not be shared in the public forum but will be provided to board members after the meeting.