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Crest View Elementary and Osseo Middle Schools plant new trees

Crest View Elementary and Osseo Middle Schools plant new trees

The Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park Rotary and the Lions Club made generous donations totaling $7,500 to Osseo Area Schools to plant trees and beautify schools. The Maple Grove Rotary and Lions Club contributed $5,000 and the Brooklyn Park Rotary contributed $2,500. Tree planting ceremonies were held at Crest View Elementary and Osseo Middle Schools.

“Our community cares about what our sites look like. When buildings look nice, it can inspire staff, students and the community to care more deeply about our district and mission,” said Collin O’Brien, project manager coordinator.

Blue spruce and maple trees were brought to Crest View Elementary, and one tree was designated for each grade. Students gathered around and talked about the tree types. They also talked about how special it would be to watch the tree grow up with them throughout their lives. 

“We are so honored to have a tree for your class. You will be able to watch this tree grow, and even when you go off to middle school, high school and college, you will see them forever,” said Stephanie Webster, principal of Crest View Elementary. 

Osseo Middle School invited students in the Unified Schools program to assist with the tree planting. This program brings special education and general education students together for more inclusive opportunities. Each student took a turn using the shovel to cover the base of the tree. 

“This represents the culmination of what we have been trying to accomplish over the last nine years,” said Kate Emmons, director of student services.

Students were excited to continue watching the trees grow. These trees play an important role in bringing the community together to help each scholar achieve their dream.